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Metro's newest single, "Letters", is OUT NOW!


“Letters” combines a fast-paced indie rock instrumental with dreamy, smooth vocals. It tells the story of two characters, Summer and Winter, through their letters to each other. 

As the two characters interact, the emotional storytelling aspect of the track is enhanced through psychedelic and lush production.


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Stream "Letters"

Partial Music Video for Metro's second single, "Letters".

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Metro's first single, "Her"


“Her” is an upbeat indie pop song with dreamy, psychedelic production elements. It tells the emotional story of a person remembering a connection with someone who has feelings for someone else. Juxtaposing the band’s vibrant, fast-paced pop with 16-year-old lead singer Marina Buendia’s melancholy and nostalgic lyrics, the song rushes through the intertwined positive and negative memories of a fledgling, young relationship that ended too soon.


Stream "Her"

Partial Music Video for Metro's first single, "Her".

1. FINAL Her COVER.jpg
“The debut song from Metro is a soft and dreamy delight. With hugely talented vocals which reach any pitch seamlessly match with a summery, upbeat tune to match, 'Her' is a showstopper which has to be added to your playlists.”
- Rock n Roll Reports
“Ripping guitar lines, dreamy synths and keys, punchy bass licks and mesmerizing sweet vocals: Metro’s debut single is the perfect alt-indie theme for the summer”
- The UpBeat
“As a first single, ‘Her’ is extremely confident. It combines gorgeous harmony, lush instrumentation and admirable production yet contains a rhythmic core that drives the song along and doesn’t fail to get your pulse going that little bit faster. It is clear that, despite being in their teens, Metro are already composed and accomplished instrumentalists. Their talent is only amplified by the fantastic production on ‘Her’, which tracks up processed vocals, pads and other instruments in a divine breeze.”
- Pictish Prism
“This is a style of music that almost seems made specifically for Marina’s voice, which is where I think Metro as a musical group have struck gold: they, from just their first debut single, are already playing to their strengths.”
- Bops by Wylie
“The way that the song is composed really showcases the capabilities of the band. From the dreamy and atmospheric intro, to the sparse instrumentation of the verses, and finally reaching one hell of a chorus is a song that demonstrates that you can make a creative and packed song under the mark of four minutes”
- The DarkSide Reviews
“The dreamy production with the swelling synths and shimmering arpeggiated guitar melody really sets the song up well. From the first verse the song becomes more upbeat with a driving drum beat and funky bass. I was really impressed by marinas vocals, they fit the style perfectly and she has such a lovely sweet yet edgy tone”
- The DarkSide Reviews
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